Sinfonia (since 2014)

Smart INitiative of cities Fully cOmmitted to iNvest In Advanced large-scaled energy solutions

SINFONIA is designed to respond to the needs of an effective take-off of the Smart City initiative in the frame of the European SET-plan and in particular by demonstrating different sustainable energy technologies and techniques integrated in an intelligent way within lighthouse districts. Although the individual demonstration projects are independent from each other, being designed to fulfil local end-user needs and to utilise local resources perfectly integrated in these smart objects, there are many similarities between them.

SINFONIA's overarching goal is to validate a comprehensive interdisciplinary refurbished city district model for middle sized European cities. The SINFONIA model will be aimed at other European cities with a potential for scalability and replication, showing that innovative integrated energy systems approach can lead to optimal districts that combine energy efficiency and CO2 abatement. The project intends to bring together already planned/started actions on achieving district refurbishments in a coherent and comprehensive way, demonstrating that smart practice makes political, economic and social sense. SINFONIA is about to improve the quality of life in Austria and in Italy together with the early adopting Cypriot, and French, and German, and Spanish, and Swedish cities which all share the ambitious vision for becoming the trademark of: ”Smart INitiative of cities Fully cOmmitted to iNvest In Advanced large-scaled energy solutions”. It clearly targets to succeed by demonstrating practical solutions to districts' needs realised and implemented in highly innovative ways, with a large and immediate potential for replication throughout European's ongoing urbanisation. Residential end-users and its public and commercial neighbourhood will be the connective environment to the project by learning what the involved district wants in terms of sustainable energy solutions to meet these needs. Although all participating partner cities have achieved different degrees of progress due to other socio-economic, political or economic constraints, the evidence of this application is given. SINFONIA includes a variety of building ages, both between the 1950s and 80s and the beginning of the 20th century, and will show how the energy performance of all can be improved significantly. Based on the joint master plan outlined in the next paragraph the project will elaborate and demonstrate technical interventions suitable for the existing urban infrastructure, which will help to meet the requirements of the overall smart district concept. SINFONIA will develop and test instruments, procedures and tools to overcome administrative, social and economic barriers related to foreseen technical interventions such as integration of a large share of energy generated from renewable sources.

SINFONIA aims at implementing the master plans of Bolzano and Innsbruck. Both master plans are a result of the technical feasibility studies in preparation for demonstration and have identified the necessary interventions to be a relevant contribution to the transition towards smart districts. The master plans of Bolzano and Innsbruck aim at developing a comprehensive interdisciplinary city quarter model as visible lighthouse case in close co-operation with involved investors and industrial partners. Scalable solutions will be conceptualised in an intelligent, innovative and integrated way at district level as well as in terms of contributions to sustainable developments at full city scale.


(SP) Sverige Tekniska Forskningsinstitut

MAGIBK (incl. TP IIG) Stadtmagistrat Innsbruck

(IKB) (incl. TPs: USI, ATB-Becker, e3-Consultants) Innsbrucker Kommunalbetriebe AG

(NHT) Neue Heimat Tirol Gemeinnützige WohnungsGmbH

(UIBK) (incl. TP alpS) University of Innsbruck

(SAT) Tiroler Zukunftsstiftung - Standortagentur Tirol

(BOZ) City of Bolzano

(EURAC) European Academy Bolzano

(IPES) Istituto per l'Edilizia Sociale della Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano


(ACC) Agenzia Casa Clima

(BORAS) Borås Stad

(LARO) City of LaRochelle

(SEV) Seville Global

(PAPOS) Papos City

(G!E) incl. TPs: ATLANTIS, Heidenreich Consulting, Greenovate! Europé

(ZAB) Zabala Consulting

(TEC) Technofi

(CNEES) Centre National d'Expertise sur l'Enveloppe et la Structure

(PHI) Passive House Institute

(ROSE) Rosenheim City

(LIE) Liebherr Elektronik GmbH

(ALF) Alfa Laval