european architecture (reiseuni)

The study programme "European Architecture" is an international course of study implemented in cooperation with eight partner institutions of higher education. The intention of the new programme is to renew generalist architectural education in the context of European culture and to refocus on the role of the university as a place for innovation and research - in order to assume social responsibility, to recognize the university as a place for visionary thinking, and to establish a forum for a European architectural dialogue. The practical objective is to run an institutionalized platform, where a joint programme, a PhD platform and a network of eight different universities address contemporary issues in architecture. The universities provide a place for independent discourse and debate through profound analysis, for the development of alternative solutions for urban life and regional planning issues, as well as for experimentation with process-oriented scenarios and positions. A wealth of experience from interdisciplinary practitioners permits the exchange between the institutes of higher education.

The "European Architecture" course (before architektur.studium.generale) was established by Dagmar Jäger at the BTU Cottbus at 2009. Cottbus stopped the programme in the year 2012 because of financial problems. In winterterm 2015/16 the Reiseuni started again at the Tallinn University of Technology.

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April 2017

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Start in WS 2015/16

Partner Universities / Network


Tallinn University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Department of Architecture & Urban Design; Prof. Irina Raud: Director & Acting Head of Chair; Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dagmar Jäger: Head of the programme


UAL Universidade Autònoma de Lisboa, Departamento de Arquitectura, Prof. Dr. Ricardo Carvalho: Director do Departamento


University of Innsbruck, Faculty of Architecture, Univ.-Prof. Arch. DI Dr. Maria Schneider: Institute of Urban & Regional Design


NB School of Design Haifa, Department of Architecture, Prof. Horacio Schwartz: Professor of Architecture Project, Lenka Cederbaum: B.A Arch., Senior Lecturer


University of Art, Berlin HZT, Inter-University Centre for Dance, Berlin, Prof. Rhys Martin: Director of MA Solo Dance


University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Architecture, Prof. Maruša Zorec: Professor of architecture & rehabilitation


Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, Dr. Claudia Perren: Director of Bauhaus Dessau Foundation


Alvar Aalto Academy, Esa Laaksonen: Director of A.A. Academy with Emil Urbel: Architect, Lecturer at TUT, Tallinn


Reiseuni_lab, Dagmar Jäger & Christian Pieper + Members + Supporters